Small Animal & Pet Services at All Creatures Vets

Small Animal Hospital at All Creatures Vets

Our small animal hospital is located at Tullyherim, Monaghan (just out the Armagh Rd. from Monaghan Town

Our dedicated team of Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses are here to provide care for all your pets needs

We request that if you need to see a Vet or Nurse, please book an appointment in advance as this will ensure that they have enough time to speak with you, examine your pet and discuss treatments.

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We offer vaccinations to the pets of Monaghan to protect them from a range of preventable but potentially serious illnesses.



The all creatures vets team can help the owners of Monaghan with transport abroad, export documents, passport paperwork and microchipping.



We neuter the pets of Monaghan to prevent unwanted breeding, as well as providing potential health and behavioural benefits.


Dental care

We take care of the dental health of the pets of Monaghan, which is crucial for their overall wellbeing and happiness.


Travelling abroad

We provide advice for our Monaghan clients to help them to prepare to travel abroad with their pet.


Flea, tick and worm

We provide medication and advice to help prevent the pets of Monaghan from suffering from fleas, worms and ticks.


Health Checks

Our vets recommend that your pets should have a full health check at least once a year.  An annual health check can often pick up on problems early.


Weight Checks

Carrying a few extra pounds can be very bad for your pets health as it increases the risk of heart problems, diabetes and painful joints. 



The hospital has a digital radiography system where we are able to take and process x-rays of patients and view these on our computer.



We have a state of the art ultrasound machine.  This is a non invasive way of looking at internal organs of the patient. 


Laboratory Services

We have an in house laboratory in which we can carry out important and sometimes urgent blood and urine tests to check an animals health.



Each patient has an individual kennel during their stay in our hospital. We also have a yard to exercise dogs in and a separate isolation ward.


Surgical Facilities

Our operating theatre is used daily for routine and emergency surgeries.  Minor procedures are carried out in the preparation room.


New Puppy

Growing puppies have special Veterinary needs. 


End of life

We know how difficult it is to lose a pet, and are here to help you through the process with compassion and understanding.